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For Maggie (GF Xmas cookies)

So many people now just don’t get along with Gluten…me, I eat everything but am just one of the lucky ones and in our house we have to do GF and low FODMAP meals. Here are some ideas to get you cooking up a storm this Christmas and don’t let the GF kids miss out…

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Ring Recipes and Rissoles

Well, not the most catchy name for a blog post but I do like a little alliteration! This is where you will find the recipes used for; Potato and Herb Wreath , Gluten-Free Raspberry and Blueberry Ring Cake and GF/Low-Fodmap Rissoles. Wreaths are all the rage for Christmas 2019 recipes and just have a fun…

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Chicken Leftovers blog

Meal ideas for budget conscious and time-poor parents Ok so read on if you are an omnivore and eat good quality chicken as a source of protein…. Chicken is really low in fat compared with other meats. Chicken is really low in saturated fatty acids compared with other meats. All meats provide a wide range…

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