Weekly Cooking Classes

Do you have eager chefs?   Do you want your kids to eat new meals? 

7-12 year olds classes

Term 4 Dinner Club 
7 weeks: SOLD OUT 24/25 Oct – 5/6 Dec 4:15-5:45pm
$299 or $285 Bring-a Friend discount for 2 or more kids (includes all meals and the recipe book)
Themes:  Stuff it!, Spooky Treats, Curry in a Hurry, American Diner, Beach Burritos, Nailed it!, Kids’ Picks

2019 Dinner Club waiting list email Karen to enquire

Teen classes

October 2018  Lunch Club
4 weeks: Saturdays 20/10/2018-10/11/2018 3 spots left
11 a.m-12:30p.m weekly  $195 for the course including all meals and the recipe book.   email Karen to enquire
Themes: Stuff it!, Spooky Treats, Curry in a Hurry, American Diner

There is also a young adults with additional learning needs cooking group on Wednesdays 10:30-12:00pm for each term, please contact Karen for more details.

In 2017 the popular, after-school cooking group evolved into Dinner Club as the participants finished at dinner time with containers full of hot food to devour for their own evening meal. Each week has a fun theme and different recipes kitchen skills  and cooking methods to try out. These are small group classes in which the cooks learn to use all of the kitchen equipment, interpret recipes and types of food preparation. Participants complete the course with a cookbook to keep containing the recipe collection to practice and impress family and friends.