One-Off Classes


Vegelicious Class for 10-16 year olds: Vegetarian Sausage Rolls, Strawberry Custard Tarts, Mediterranean Couscous, Zucchini and Chocolate Muffins, Homemade Burgers $69-$73


Sunday 15 March 10:00-12:30 pm 10-16 years 1 spot left



NEW (and yummy) Spanish Menu :  Albondigas en Salsa (meatballs in tomato based sauce can be Vegetarian option), Patatas Bravas (crispy potatoes), Pastel de Chocolate y Almendras (almond and chocolate cake), Churros Bites with a rich, chocolate dipping sauce and Stuffed, Sweet Baby Peppers *menu not suitable for nut allergy


Sunday 29 March  10:00-12:30 pm 10-16 years 2 spots left

Anzac Day workshop: up for booking soon

Saturday 25 April 10-12:30 pm 7+ ages 8 spots