How to make a Grazing Table

Making a grazing table for about $100

Well the silly Season is upon us and we all know what that means….dance concerts, teacher presents, holidays and …entertaining!

One thing I learnt throwing Mr Come and Cook a birthday shindig in the Come and Cook kitchen this weekend is that Grazing Tables are fun and achievable. We had just over 30 people so this can be slightly downsized for a smaller group. I love an antipasto platter and this is it on a big scale!

I will pop up a list of what I used, where I got it, how much is cost and how to build it.

Not necessary items (nor included in my costing)

Brown Craft paper from Officeworks $35 a roll and it is 90cm wide and 50m long ( so should get your Christmas well and truly sorted). I had this left from a job I did and wow it is great for quick clean up and looks fabulous too. An easy clean up and if you like doing your own Christmas, biodegradeable wrapping paper then this is for you!

Succulents in little pots I sourced these from the Ashgrove Fruit Shop and loved them for Xmas dos because the pots are red so very festive and they cost me $5 each which I thought was fab.

Shopping list for food


Celery $2.99 a bunch – cut about $1.00 worth it into sticks to put around dips

Carrots $1.50 a bag and I used 4 cut into sticks for dips so about 50c

Wafers ( you know the ones for cheese that are like ice-cream cones) $2.99 a box and I used 2 boxes

Grass-fed Beef Mince $7.00 ( made into Gluten-Free meatballs with spring onion, parsley, gluten free crumbs, paprika, an egg and parmesan cheese so in total about $10 for these)

Specialty Crackers ( you know the yummy fruit-filled crackers that Woolies sell for over $6, well Aldi does them for $3.79 and I used 2 boxes of these

Prosciutto $4.29

Mixed Olives $2.99

Blue Vein Cheese $4.99

Marinated Capsicum $2.29

Washed Rind Cheese $3.49

Aged Cheddar $3.99

Mini Capsicum bag $2.99

Blueberries $2.49 x 2 punnets

Off the Bone Ham $3.99

Sopresso Salami $2.49

Cocktail truss tomatoes $3.49

Mixed Olives $3.99

Ash Brie $4.49

Masadam Cheese block $4.29



Mini pickles $3.50

Strawberries $2.70

Cadbury Fruit and Nut block $2.40 ( on special for half price)

Salted Chips $2.00

Brown Rice Crackers $1.35 ( got two packs)

Beetroot coloured Grain Waves $3.35

Baby beetroot in jar $3.50

Chris’ Dips: Hommus $3.00 and Beetroot Dip $3.00

Grapes $3.50

Chocolate Wafer Sticks $3.50

Dolmades $3.75

Fruit Shop

Cucumber bag $3.00 ( cut about $1.00 worth into sticks for dips)

From Home

Roasted Almonds ( bought big bag from Woolies a while ago)

Homemade Relish


Setting it all out

I started by putting down the brown paper and placed on the three succulents. Using an ice-cream scoop to dollop scoops of dip randomly in four spots on the table and next to these I put cut up parts of each cheese. The salami , ham and meatballs were placed in piles scattered on the table near to the dips along with piles of olives and spoons of tomato relish.

Next came the cut up vegetables next to the dips and the assorted crackers in piles next to these. The rest of the ingredients were then placed in piles breaking up colours and the sweet things were piled together ( strawberries, broken shards of the chocolate and the wafers).

For a Christmas Platter try to use a lot of red and green ingredients, plants, flowers and napkins. Some other fruit ideas are; watermelon and honeydew pieces, kiwis and cherries. Sweets suggestions; jaffas, chocolate sultanas and the mint leaf lollies ( I have bought these from Woolies).

Have fun creating!